Monday, December 19, 2011

An Occupy Proposal for a Global People's Collective University

I'm tired but finally feeling a bit more like myself.  Sometimes I wonder if I should move on to another project but then I feel like an asshole for thinking that because I know I can still do something with this.  Chema found this on google and sent it to me, I feel better knowing I've contributed to something that makes people think.
{Excerpt from An Occupy Proposal for a Global People's Collective University ,--click the link, good blog}
"The idea for this diary came out of the concept of the "People's Collective University" that one could see at Occupy LA before the raid of November 30th.  The idea was that, as the Occupy movement was a start toward a solution for the political problem, the People's Collective University would be a start toward a solution for the educational problem."
"The most obvious example which comes to mind is the People's Collective University which was set up at the Occupy LA encampment.  Instructors would come to the area of the "university" and conduct hour-long dialogues about particular topics.  The magic about all of this was that these dialogues were "teach-ins" conducted as part of a larger protest, and so the subject matters were appropriate to that: "withdraw your money from the banks," "Paulo Freire and liberatory pedagogy," "the history and strategy of nonviolence," and so on."

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